dbqp being renamed

One of the best things that can happen to a piece of software is for people to actually use it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have received feedback on the tool from several members of both the Percona and Drizzle teams.  The most common and strongly emphasized comments were in regards to what a terrible, terrible name dbqp really is in terms of saying, seeing, and typing it ; )

As that isn’t something that can be disputed (it’s really annoying to use in conversations *and* to type several dozen times a day), the project has been renamed to kewpie.  For those that follow such things, I did present on another tool with that name at the last MySQL Conference, but *that* tool is a nice-to-have, while the test-runner sees daily use.  Better to save the good names for software that actually stands a chance of being used, I say : )

While there are probably 1*10^6 other things I need to do (Stewart is a merciless slave driver as a boss, btw…heheh), the fact that we are merging the tool into the various Percona branches meant it should be done sooner rather than later.  The tool is currently in our 5.1 branch and I have merge requests up for both Drizzle and Xtrabackup (dbqp was living there too).

I have several other interesting things going on with the tests and tool, which I’ll be blogging about over at MySQL Performance Blog.  Later this week, I’ll be talking about what we’ve been doing to work on this bug ; )


Also, the Percona Live MySQL Conference in DC is just around the corner.  There are going to be some great speakers and attendees