dbqp / randgen docs are up

As I mentioned earlier, dbqp now has a randgen mode.  This allows us to run test cases for the randgen in much the same way as we execute drizzletest cases.  At present, all of our randgen tests are defined as dbqp cases and live in drizzle/tests/randgen_tests.  They are organized into suites (much like drizzletest cases).  You can also use it as a quick means of creating an ad hoc replication setup!


Anyway, we now have proper documentation up.  Instructions and prereqs for the randgen are included in the docs.  If anyone runs into any issues, please write a bug and I’ll get on it.  Thanks and have fun testing! : )


We have lots more cool stuff planned for dbqp and drizzle.  Ultimately, the goal is to make it fast, easy and efficient for anyone to make sure the server is behaving as they expect it to – we want happy users!  With that said –   GA release tomorrow!  It is a huge deal for us and lots of blood, sweat and tears have gone into the software.  We are really excited and hope that everyone else will wonder how they lived without Drizzle for so long (I know I have) : )


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