Code coverage – now with branches!

We have now upgraded our lcov testing to take advantage of lcov 1.9‘s branch coverage.

While code coverage isn’t the be-all-end-all of testing, it is a very useful tool in helping us target areas that could use more tender, loving care (by which I mean beating them mercilessly with our test tools).  It doesn’t prove completeness of testing – it merely helps us move in that direction : )  The addition of branch-level coverage gives us another dimension to help us expand our testing.  We’re also making use of the –demangle-cpp option to produce neater function names for the function-level coverage.

You can check out the updated reports here.  We gather the code coverage of our test suite with every push to trunk and store the data for general analysis.

In other news, Brian has added two new functions for testing.  These changes were a part of another blueprint to remove print_stack_trace and stack dump. While I haven’t had a chance to do anything with them yet, I think these will be very useful and look forward to seeing what kinds of tests our community will be able to cook up : )

  • Crash the server:

% ./drizzled/drizzled –plugin-add=crash_function

select crash();

  • Shutdown the server:

% ./drizzled/drizzled –plugin-add=shutdown_function

select shutdown()

Finally, I have been playing with the syslog plugin and it is awesome!  It is easy to setup and is very easy to use.  The data produced will be very useful in testing as well.  An example produced via a randgen run for your enjoyment:

Sep  2 20:06:16 mahmachine drizzled[4340]: thread_id=4 query_id=200380 db=”test” query=”SELECT    SUM(  table1 . `col_int_key` ) AS field1 FROM  c AS table1  RIGHT  JOIN g AS table2 ON  table1 . `col_varchar_1024` =  table2 . `col_varchar_1024_key`  WHERE table1 . `col_int` <> table1 . `col_int_key`   ORDER BY field1″ command=”Query” t_connect=1283472376187915 t_start=486 t_lock=367 rows_sent=1 rows_examined=2 tmp_table=0 total_warn_count=0

Well, that’s it for now.  We have some exciting work coming up and we look forward to seeing what kinds of awesome plugins are being developed out there.   Now back to hacking.

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